Wagyu Picanha Steak

Youngblood Ranch

Such a great piece of meat, had to be named with an unusual name. Also called Top Sirloin Fat On for its signature cut, Picanha is the most popular cut in every Brazilian Steakhouse. It’s mild in flavor and flavorful cut with a thin fat cap that adds even more flavor.

One steak per pack

All YR Beef is 100% Grass fed. Stress free. Steroid free. All natural. No anti-biotics. Quality that is driven by 100% natural principles. Our beef is 100% grass fed and grass finished. We let them eat the way they were born to. Free choice grazing in our lush pastures. Mix the All Natural principles with selective targeted breeding and you get the Youngblood beef. A regenerative and sustainable farming environment creates a stress free zone for our cows to grow. Our beef is known for its flavor, texture, and all-around quality.

$119.26 - $133.56