Youngblood Ranch

192 County Rd 134, Haleyville, Alabama


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Youngblood Ranch located in the small southeast corner of Franklin County, Alabama,

has 3 mottos or slogans. The first is a quote by John Wayne “Slap some bacon on a

biscuit and let’s go! We are burning daylight!”. The second is “If you didn’t bleed, sweat, cry, or almost die did you actually do anything.” The third brings us to today, “Not just beef, BETTER BEEF!”

We are a modest, first generation, Woman Owned, Mom/Dad and 4 daughter family-run cattle ranch. We are Kirsten and Dane. We established it in 1995 as an idea and a tiny 20x20 garden to provide better quality self-sustained food for the family. We have always had a passion for being self-reliant and self-producing what we need. Some years we were successful and others it didn’t happen at all. It was in 2021 that we decided that the only way we were going to truly be successful and make our passion a reality was to go 100% in and wide open. We knew that this is what was going to bring us true freedom and happiness. It was more than a chance to be self-reliant. It was a change to strengthen our family. Some may call it ‘Homesteading’, we call it living.

Jobs had taken us to Texas where we gained an appreciation for the beef industry and saw that it can be done better on a small scale. In August of 21’ we decided that we would leave our full-time jobs and become a ‘Wilderness Family Robinson’ (Youngblood) of sorts to focus solely on the YR beef mission. That mission was to provide the best all-natural, steroid free, antibiotic free, vaccine free, GMO-free, grassfed beef with great taste and high nutritional value. Dane had attended Ranching University at Texas A&M where he learned that Wagyu beef is the healthiest beef in the world. Call it providence. Call it good fortune. Call it divine intervention. Regardless of what you call it, we knew that this is what we were supposed to do, and Alabama is where we were supposed to do it.

We, along with our daughters, have invested every drop of blood, sweat, and tear in trying to produce the best beef possible and making it accessible to everyone we can. We do it by providing the beef on a small quantity basis. 

Try it, and you will discover why the Youngblood Ranch motto #3 is "Not just

beef…BETTER beef!"