Yellow Hammer Farms

702 3rd Ave N Birmingham, AL 35203


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Yellow Hammer Farms is paving a new way forward for the urban farming model in Birmingham, Alabama. Our community is hungry for fresh, nutritious, accessible produce. We're here to satisfy that hunger in a way that puts people and the planet first.  Cutting-edge vertical hydroponic techniques enable acres of output on one corner. 


 We're using modern hydroponic vertical farming techniques to grow fresh greens and herbs in an urban landscape, on a minimal footprint, and with 90% less water than traditional agriculture.

First incorporated in 1993 by our founder's grandfather, Yellow Hammer Farms started in Tyner, North Carolina. Surrounded by other local farmers, their focus was to grow a product not currently grown locally: popcorn. This approach to farming gave us an idea; create an indoor, climate-controlled farm that focused on growing produce that is in high demand and not readily available at competitive prices.


Our home is a complex place. Birmingham's city limits contain both nationally-renowned cuisine and expansive food deserts, a disparity that's hard to ignore when you work in the food and beverage industry like our founder, Frank, did.


Frank teamed up with his wife, Jillian, to make fresh and nutritious produce accessible and affordable for people on both ends of that spectrum. And thanks to vertical hydroponics, we're doing it in a way that's kind to our friends in and around the Cahaba—thank us later, lilies.

From kitchen table to chef's table, Yellow Hammer Farms exists to bring new, affordable, uncommon offerings to a community with an appetite for so much more!


Schedule a farm visit if you're interested in seeing the hydroponic farm. We'd love to have you stop by!