Owls Hollow Farm

Owls Hollow Road, Gadsden, Alabama 35901, USA


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“There’s something relaxing about sticking your hands in the dirt and just playing in it. Those are my favorite days here,” says Lisa. Lisa Gallardo and her husband Mario own all 57 acres of Owls Hollow Farm located North of Gadsden, Alabama. With two greenhouses, three fields, two ponds and more, the Gallardo family specializes in Certified Naturally Grown or Uncertified Organic grown produce.

Owls Hollow float, drip, and NFT hydroponic system allow for the growth of spring and summer vegetables in colder months and fall and winter vegetables in the warmer months thanks to its controlled environment.

At Owls Hollow, everything revolves around family. Mario and Lisa use farming to teach their children hard work and their children adore being fully immersed in the farming business. They even have a farm mascot- Buddy the goat!

When you taste Owls Hollow, it's apparent the same love and devotion they show to family is reflected in their foods. As a result, a piece of their family certainly does enter through the doors of your home when you shop Owls Hollow.