Mountain Sun Farm

Co Rd 630, Mentone, AL 35984, USA

Certified organic

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Mountain Sun Farm is a certified organic fruit and vegetable farm located on Lookout Mountain in Mentone, Alabama. It was established in 2017 when we moved our previous farm business (Southern Foothills Farm) after 3 years on leased land to purchased land.

As of fall 2019, we have about 7.5 acres in production.. The farm has ideal sandy loam and loam soils, and is at the headwaters of one of Alabama's cleanest watersheds, Little River. Sitting atop Lookout Mountain, our crops enjoy a slightly cooler and breezier climate at 1650' elevation.  Our farming methods prioritize ecological diversity and improving soil quality through intensive cover cropping, crop rotation, natural fertilizers, promoting beneficial insects, trap cropping, and only using natural pesticides that are not synthetic, not persistent, and do not have unpreventable high toxicity to non-target organisms.

We both graduated Auburn University's College of Agriculture in pursuit of our long-held goal to work in organic agriculture.  Liz's background is in fruit and vegetable production - she worked and learned with two of the most successful and established organic farms in our area: Randle Farms and Jenny Jack Farm.  Brian's background is in environmental chemistry/microbiology - he's glad to now apply it with bare hands in the field outside of a laboratory.