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Mitchell and Kaitlin Morgan had a dream of being a full-time farmers. In 2015, they started Morgan Farms located in Horton, Alabama. The farm is nested on 69 acres giving plenty of room for their small cow-calf operation and pasture raised pork. Morgan Farms produces a large variety of farm fresh vegetables during the spring, summer, and fall months, along with 100% pure Sand Mountain Sorghum Syrup. Grain fed, pasture raised pork has taken off with great strides on the farm. The great taste of fresh pork cannot be bought in stores. There are no antibiotics or added growth hormones in Morgan Farms' products, and they pride themselves in bringing their product straight to your table. 

Mitchell was raised around Angus cattle and pullet chicken houses during his youth. His father, Jeff, was a row cropper in the 1980's, so agriculture was in his blood. Jeff manages all of the vegetable production and without him, we would not be able to have the success we do. After working several years in the poultry industry and sales, Mitchell realized farming was his calling. In 2012, Mitchell and Kaitlin were married. Kaitlin's grandfather grew a lot of produce and sold it all over DeKalb county. Kaitlin has an off-the-farm job as a RN for a general surgeon in the Marshall county area. Their son Abel loves sharing the farm life with his dogs Moose and Blue.  

"Farming has opened so many different opportunities for us. We have made thousands of new friendships all over the country from agriculture! We feel farming gives us the opportunity to give back to our community. We strive to be able to produce the best products that we possibly can! If it be a basket of tomatoes, bushel of sweet corn, sorghum syrup, or fresh sausage we want it to represent our brand with excellence! Let us share our farm with you by putting our product on your table, I mean what beats a full belly?!" 

Happy Eats, 

Mitchell, Kaitlin, and Abel