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Ashley and her husband Chris created the farm business about 4 years ago out of desperation for fresh/organic and all natural produce, veggies and meats for our growing family.  We have 4 beautiful children!   

Around 6 years ago we found out our oldest daughter was sick.  At only 11 months old her health was quickly declining.  She spent a few weeks at Children’s running all types of tests.  By 13 months old we were told she had Celiac disease.  We had to change everything about her diet for life and due to her being so young, we also had to use a feeding tube for a while.  The nutritionist also suggested she eat as natural, clean, non-gmo, and fresh as possible!  We were given specialized equipment to make food for her and a cookbook.  In this cookbook was a “how to make homemade peanut butter” so my husband tried it.  It was the WORST thing!  It was flavorless and not smooth.  For TWO more years he tinkered with the ingredients, length of time he did certain blending and types of processors!   Finally he had something our friends and family liked, but he wanted it even better.  By three years of trial and error our “original” was born and it was selling locally to friends and family only.   We never wanted a “business” out of making peanut butter.  In 2015 we bought the farm and expanded our garden and meat offerings to help give our daughter the best foods to help her along her Celiac journey but we still weren’t concerned with selling much or having a big production.  We saw this farm as a personal way to sustain our family.  

In 2016 our youngest was born.  She faced many health issues and had large medical bills.   It was at this time we started doing a roadside farm stand with our extra produce.  We thought if we could share our extra produce and make a little to cover medical bills it would be a blessing.  We quickly saw the demand for all natural and got invited to attend a few small markets and events.  In early 2018 we finally did our first market.  We realized we couldn’t make much in produce alone since we were so we brought the Peanut Butter.  It flew off the shelf!!!  We started getting phone calls for orders, events, etc!   Since then we have expanded to 5 flavors and 2 sizes.   

We are VERY excited to be a part of this market and hope you love our product as much as we do!  Our goal is to bring fresh wholesome foods to your table!  Everything is still a 2-man operation and my husband makes each jar personally in a commercial kitchen!  Quality is out top priority.  You won’t find a more natural quality homemade peanut butter than Medders Farm!  We hope you enjoy and help us “Spread the Love”!