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4265 Grist Mill Road, Alpine, Alabama 35014, USA


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I started Ireland farms with Hollin Williams. Craving a more rewarding life, we set out to build a vegetable farm to provide natural, nutritious food for our community. It is hard work, but it is honest work. A good fight is always worth fighting.

Having been in Birmingham since 2010, we searched for land within striking distance of our cities’ many incredible restaurants and farmer’s markets. After months of tours and deliberation, we settled in the gorgeous, fertile fields of Alpine, AL.

In 2018, we added Joseph Battistella rounding out the core group of farmers that would make Ireland Farms whole. Joseph’s extensive agriculture background proved to be an invaluable asset in creating the efficiencies that will allow our little farm to thrive.

Since then, Katie Willis and Erin Murphy have hopped on board as the baddest farmers in the land. I am so dang lucky to be working with such dedicated, industrious human beings.

It is an arduous process to survive as a small-scale market farm. In order to achieve profitability, it is important to create strong relationships with both restaurants and direct consumers. We could not exist without your support, and for that, we are thankful.

Our #1 goal is to be a reliable, year round source of delicious produce for decades to come!

-Scott Ireland