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We started Harbor Docks in 1979 and as the city of Destin grew, we grew with it.  In 2019, we expanded our family to create Gulf To Table, providing our fresh Gulf seafood to families who either miss our waters or can't get here themselves.  Since Harbor Docks first opened, we've provided the best independent restaurants in our area with fresh seafood and shipped fish to markets in NYC, Canada and to restaurants around the country. In addition, to the boats at our docks, we contract with over 100 vessels along the coast of the Panhandle.

Through Gulf to Table, we now ship fresh, Gulf seafood for private customers, smaller restaurants, and markets like till that value extremely high-quality seafood. We constantly update you with the available seafood we have in our market. As is the case with all honest purveyors - all species are not always available.

Gulf seafood is a precious commodity. Cows, pigs, and chickens aren’t going anywhere.  Land-based, animal protein comes primarily from large, institutional farms and slaughter houses.

Fish are different. Our products are, in most cases, the last commercial source of wild protein.

The availability of these fish are subject to the vagaries of the weather, tides, water temperatures, restrictions and sustainability of various species. 

And sometimes the fish just don’t bite.

We’re proud of what we do and we’ve been doing it for a long time. Our commitment to our fishermen - our staff - and our customers - has allowed us to be successful over four decades.

We extend this same commitment to you.

Beautiful seafood delivered to your door.  Truly, Gulf to Table freshness.