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My name is Josh. I was born and raised in a ranching community of Buffalo Wyoming that rests at the foot of the Big Horn mountains. At an early age I developed a passion for sports which I excelled at alongside my talented friends. Throughout school we would have family meals which is where I fell in love with the table as we bonded over food that has forged lifelong relationships.

It would be when I left the Rocky Mountains and headed west to Chico, California that my palate was exposed to fresh fruits and vegetables for the first time which grabbed my attention and opened a whole new world. My love for food and health would only continue to grow that eventually led me to start my first venture Green On the Go. I sold healthy food items from a battery ran bicycle cart to the local college kids and although the venture was not successful it would prove to be a valuable learning experience that I still hold dearly to my heart.

After losing my mom to cancer in 2015 I decided to move South to Birmingham, Alabama to be near my sister Lauren and her family where I would begin a new chapter in my life. The food culture down here is vibrant and during my time I have been blessed to work around a few great chefs that includes Frank Stitt and Dolester Miles both James Beard Award winners.

Being surrounded by great talent has rubbed off that has helped me to refine my palate and technique to further my skills. My take on food is a reflection of my time in California, Wyoming, and Birmingham that is expressed in my protein bars, balsamic vinaigrettes, muesli cereals, donut holes, concheros salsa, and Ecookbook that will be released later this year.

Alongside my own products my vision is to advertise in support of local businesses, establishments, and agriculture that brings quality and health to our communities here in Birmingham and back to my roots in Wyoming. I look forward to the future and serving my community with healthy food and lifestyle recommendations.