Fairhope Fish House

13550 Greeno Rd, Fairhope, AL 36532

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You may not have felt the waves all the way in Birmingham (yet), but Jake Pose & Dustin Bedgood have been sustainably catching, cleaning & & distributing fresh caught fish to several fortunate restaurants of Fairhope who have relied on their fish for nearly 2 years. & now you have direct access to their catch.


Since 2021, customers throughout the Mobile area have been lining up at the Fairhope Farmers Market to fight for the opportunity to see what the duo has hauled in. In an area that is extremely dense with fresh caught seafood, Fairhope Fish House is in extremely high demand thanks to their sustainable, heavily researched Japanese quality methods for catching fish.


You see, these two are some of the only "dayboat" fisherman around. Dayboat fishing isn't easy, it isn't scalable, but it is about the highest quality. Unlike the big commercial rigs who fish at night, when the fish are closer to the surface of the water, Dustin & Jake drop their lines in the daytime, when fish are swimming extremely deep. &, instead of commercial fishing approaches which require fisherman to store the fish for weeks or even months while more fish are caught, the dayboat approach ensures the fish are cleaned, on ice & packed the same day, resulting in the freshest fish possible.


And, they use the ancient Japanese technique of Ikejime to humanely kill the fish, which creates far less stress & creates a premium fillet from the precious fish.

The freshest the Gulf has to offer. Right to your door.