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Josh and Kiley Morrison started getting serious about a change in their way of life in 2017, when their first baby was born. They had questions like "Where does our food come from? Who produces our food? How is our food produced? Why are chemicals used to make it grow? What impact does it have on our health? What impact does it have on our environment? How are the animals raised? What are the animals fed? What are GMOs? What does all those food labels even mean?" These are questions that most of the population cannot answer.

They decided to be part of a movement that connects the farmer back to the consumer. “Know your Farmer, Know your Food” - this simple phrase has never been more achievable. 

Earnest Roots strives to produce the healthiest, most nutrient dense and flavorful food with quality in mind – not quantity. Using sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices, along with holistic animal management, they work with nature by managing the animals to improve the land. Instead of using synthetic, petroleum based, chemical fertilizers they use compost and animal manure with a focus on building soil structure as well as fertility.