BDA Farm

8661 AL-183, Uniontown, AL 36786

Certified organic

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BDA is a young, community-based farm located on 6,000+ organic acres in the Alabama Black Belt. At BDA, we seek to feed, nurture, and serve our community, as well as heal and restore our Black Belt land through regenerative agriculture. 

Bois d’Arc Farm (BDA) was founded with a focus on three life shaping words: responsibility, service, and community. We believe that shared meals have always played a significant role in knitting together families and communities. A table full of nourishing food for your family and friends to gather around is an essential piece of a life well lived. This is why we hold it as our responsibility to serve our community as well as the Alabama Black Belt land that we are privileged to call home, through producing delicious and authentic food you can trust.

At BDA, we understand that in order to produce delicious and nutrition-rich food we must first care for our soil and the diverse ecosystems that make up our farm. Our work starts with the question: “How can we provide for our community, while also restoring our soil and healing the land around us?” Through non-conventional, no-till, regenerative, and organic methods, our gardens, pastures, and hives strive to provide the nourishment you and your family deserve.