The Seasoned Table: Spring


The third volume of a 4 season, full cook book we hope to release in 2023, this digital, 54 page PDF is guaranteed to create a few “I've GOT to make this” moments, while refining your home cooking skills using majority locally grown, Alabama ingredients!

We believe our dining room table is the single most valuable piece of furniture we own. Through times of years or times of jubilation, food is the common binder that connects us, & our farmers have long been the origin point of these lifelong memories around our tables.

Our hope is that you too can prepare these seasonal, locally focused recipes around your own table as you begin to realize, as we have, the important if that ole table (& the food around it) you gather around. We call that a “seasoned table” and invite you to ours.

Each page is jam packed with 13 of our tested, family favorite Spring recipes. Each recipe includes a full breakdown of equipment needed, ingredients & professional tips to perfect the dish. 

Dishes & recipes featured inside the cookbook include: 

  1. Crispy Peppercorn Chicken Wings 
  2. Fish Tacos + Strawberry Salsa 
  3. Asparagus Frittata
  4. Sausage & Kale Cannellinis
  5. Butter Grouper Sauce Gribiche & Pilaf
  6. Creamy Polenta, Collards & Sausage 
  7. Spring Farmer Garden Pasta 
  8. Grilled Chops, Charred Scallion & Herbs 
  9. Lamb Merguez Gyros 
  10. Summer Squash Basil Pasta 
  11. Snapper Picatta
  12. Grilled Steak, Coconut Creamed Corn & Peaches 
  13. Fish Tacos, Peach Salsa & Slaw

The digital PDF to be emailed directly to you after purchase.