Gulf Caught Pompano

Gulf to Table

**2, 4 oz portions - serves 1-2 people

*fresh frozen

*skin on fillets

Pompano has been called the world’s most edible fish- however, we tend to believe that many people simply haven’t tried this fish. We know better. If you’re wondering about the Pompano fish taste, the flesh is somewhat similar to mahi-mahi, mullet, or snapper. The flavor is both aromatic, firm, and rich, without the oiliness you might find in another fish like mackerel. It’s clean-tasting, firm, and sweet all in one, and the bones are tender, making it also easy to prepare (or eat whole if you catch one fresh!).

It’s visually attractive, with skin that doesn’t even need to be scaled. So, not only does the pompano have an incredible flavor, but it’s also a fish that’s easy to work with and obtain!

This fish lends itself well to preparations like baking, broiling, frying, grilling, and searing. We find we especially love it with the gentle charring from a smoky grill, which makes it an excellent Summer feature.