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“It’s a well known fact to locals that our city is a culinary gem. Birmingham plays home to several of the best restaurants in the South. These restaurants source the majority of their menu items from farms within a 100-mile radius of our city. Each top chef has access to local farmers 365 days a year. 

My wife, Hayley, & I love great food. When the farmer’s market opens come spring/summer we make weekly Saturday runs to stock our kitchen. These days we aren’t the only ones, either. It’s a must to get to the market before 9am to ensure the food you want is still stocked. Not to mention, by 11am it’s 95 degrees, jam-packed and unenjoyable. 

It’s not the farmers’ fault- they bring what harvest they have. Rather, our city simply has more people than it does markets. And, unfortunately, most markets are only open in peak season (Spring/Summer). 

As life-long natives, Birmingham has always been home to us. With a passion for food and small business, we have created till around you- because you shouldn’t have to sacrifice local-spending and healthy eating due purely to a lack of access & convenience. Why can’t you have the same 365 day access to local ingredients as our top chefs do? 

Now you can. 

At till, we till through Alabama’s top farmers and allow you to shop their selection online year-round. We then deliver your order directly to your door or provide convenient, local pick up. Because local should be easier.”

-Will & Hayley deShazo 

Foodies & Founders of till 

PS- should you ever need anything you can reach out at the email below. Whether it’s a question, collaboration or criticism we’ll respond back personally with open arms: